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DDR Testers, Memory Testers

got memory in your PC's?  Then you need to test it!

Now take the guess work of good or bad memory in your PC's, and eliminate most intermittent memory errors forever.

$ave time  *  $ave money  *  $ave memory
  *** The "must have" for anyone in computer service, assembly or repair. ***

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Why Should I buy a Memory Tester?
DDR3 Bundle

Ramcheck DDR2 memory tester

DDR2 Bundle
Ramcheck DDR2/1 Memory Tester Bundle


DDR2 Testing

Having a memory tester in an IT or Service Department, once considered a luxury is now a necessity!

Now that DDR3 memory modules have become common place, computers are running at speeds only imagined.  The old swapping method is not only ineffective but is seriously hurting your bottom line. Compounding the problems for technicians are timing sensitive hardware, multitasking operating systems exercising memory like never before and software generating memory errors disguised as defective memory.

How many hours do your technicians waste using the trial and error method of replacing modules on a motherboard to locate which one is the bad module in a malfunctioning computer?  With the Ramcheck  Memory Tester, technicians can now confidently identify and test suspected modules in seconds. They can also test the replacement memory or upgrades for defects before installation. This will help by eliminating the possibility of memory errors by inadvertently installing bad memory in the same PC. Using a Memory Tester will significantly reduces the technician’s time spent on PC memory related problems.

Eliminate most intermittent memory problems forever.

For the price of a few modules, this tester pays for itself in NO time. Your company will $ave a tremendous amount of money with a Ramcheck Memory Tester.

Now have ability to confidently know the size and integrity of the memory being used in your PC’s, Servers, Upgrades and Returns.

Actual Ramcheck Display

Identify modules configuration, density, bus speed, and type

(128Mx72 128MB 533MHz DDR2)

Why does the need for a memory tester exist now more than ever, even if memory prices have come down?

  • With increased speeds, timing sensitive hardware, multitasking software operating systems now produce memory errors that are often misdiagnosed.
  • Shorten the down time of a PC with a suspected memory problem.
  • Software programs and operating systems are exercising memory as never thought of before, often producing intermittent memory errors.
  • More memory used in PC's and a higher density memory used per memory module than ever before.

How do Memory Testers pay for themselves?

  • Significantly reduce computer repair time.
  • No longer rely on ineffective software diagnostics to determine memory problems.
  • No longer rely on the traditional method of swapping out the modules.
  • Identify and tests suspected memory in minutes.
  • Test replacement modules, eliminating the possibility of installing bad memory in the same PC.
  • Thoroughly test modules, eliminating the possibility of intermittent memory errors.
  • Be 100% certain of the identity and integrity of your memory.

Reduction in cost of handling and returning RMA's to their vendors:

  • Return only the defective modules to the vender, not the usual suspected bank of modules.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of inventory suspected of being defective.
  • Reduce overhead for accounting, purchasing, shipping and receiving of handling modules that are not defective, and their replacements.

Reduce Memory Fraud:

  • Memory Upgrade Returns of a smaller size or different module than one originally bought.

Reduce Memory Fraud in returned PC's:

When machines are returned, they are rarely powered up or run through diagnostics, the tester can quickly determine:

  • Returned computers with less RAM than was bought.
  • Returned computers with defective RAM installed in place of what was sold.

Customer Satisfaction from better service and reducing a second service call.

  • Speed of diagnosis of suspected memory problems.
  • Technicians can now quickly and confidently determine if memory is the problem. If so, replace it and get the machine returned to the customer quickly. If not, move on to other areas that could be producing the same symptoms. Now they're addressing and repairing the real problems.
  • No longer just relying on the traditional method of swapping of memory modules that could just be masking the problem by replacing the original memory.
  • Without testing the memory being replaced; the possibility of switching out good ram for bad always exists.

Recycle old memory

Even a novice can use can use a Ramcheck memory tester and thoroughly test memory modules. Using the testers easy 6 button function, the LCD displays memory type, size and speed. (2MB x 64 16MB 100 Mhz SDRAM)

Memory Testers can pay for themselves by simply recycling the unidentified, and in most cases, good memory modules stored in a
"Memory Bucket" somewhere!  


Many of our customers have paid for
their memory testers in less than 30 days


Save Time * Save Money * Save Memory 


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