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Now Test DDR2 memory Modules

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got memory in your PC's?  Then you need to test it!

Now take the guess work of good or bad memory in your PC's, and eliminate most intermittent memory errors.

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Introducing RAMCHECK DDR2
Memory Tester


Continuing with the legacy and tradition of the
RAMCHECK memory testers, we are proud to introduce the capability of testing DDR2 memory
with the RAMCHECK DDR2 memory tester.  The RAMCHECK DDR2 is the combination of RAMCHECK base unit (INN-8668) without the 168-pin SDRAM support and the new adapter RAMCHECK DDR2 240-pin adapter (INN-8668-12).  Testing DDR1 memory modules will require the RAMCHECK DDR1 Pro adapter which also works with the RAMCHECK DDR2 tester. If you still need to test DDR1 memory, check out the RAMCHECK DDR2/1 Memory Tester Bundle at a substantial savings.

Ramcheck DDR2 Memory Tester


Keeping with the RAMCHECK’s ability to be operated right out of the box with NO complicated manuals or procedures to set-up. Just turn it on and insert the memory module into the Yamaichi test socket and press F1 to start. The RAMCHECK DDR 2 memory tester can simply identify the Size, Frequency and Speed of a memory module or set up the most stringent of tests with the user defined testing parameters.

DDR2 Screen

                                                                                                                     The large easy to read brightly-lit LCD display built into the RAMCHECK shows all the information you need during the test. Each memory module's size, type, configuration, voltage and frequency are automatically detected and displayed.

Fast, the RAMCHECK DDR2 memory tester can test a one gigabyte DDR2 memory module in under a minute.

With free factory provided firmware upgrades, you can easily download and upgrade the RAMCHECK DDR2 with the latest firmware releases in just seconds using the Windows PC communication program.  This program also allows you to program and edit the SPD bit data chips on the memory module.  You can even print and log your test results.

You are in good company when using any of the RAMCHECK memory testers.  Over the past 15 years, many Fortune 500 companies, Government Institutions and Universities have come to rely on our memory testing equipment. (See Satisfied Customers.)

Never throw memory away again


For the price of a few memory modules, computer technicians can confidently know the size, speed and most importantly the integrity of the memory modules they are installing in your customers computer.

Considering that 2GB DDR2 modules can cost hundreds of dollars, and 4GB DDR2 modules sell for thousands, the RAMCHECK DDR2 Memory Tester can pay for itself in NO TIME. 

Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.

*one-year Limited Warranty Please click here to receive more information and a price quote.

DDR2 testing is available NOW!!!   The RAMCHECK Plus Pro memory tester also works with the RAMCHECK 240-pin DDR2 adapter.

RAMCHECK Plus users can have your existing RAMCHECK DDR1 adapter that tests up to 333MHz converted to the RAMCHECK DDR Pro level at a substantial savings.

RAMCHECK DDR2 Memory Tester:
















1. The new RAMCHECK DDR2 adapter can perform DDR2 tests at actual test frequencies up to 667MHz.
2. Test at lower frequency

Modules designed for 800MHz can be functionally tested on the DDR2 adapter but at a reduced frequency.
The DDR2 test engine can achieve 800MHz internal diagnostic speeds.
Does not support older SDRAM, EDO or FPM memory formats.

Save Time * Save Money * Save Memory 

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